Brothers John and Kurt Schwartz will row a 24-foot boat 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to benefit The Samfund, a unique charity that supports young adult cancer survivors. Learn more about 32º North here. Learn more about The Samfund here.

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Three Apples and a Shower

February 27, 2017
With roughly one week to go, each row we make has a bigger, sweeter feel. For two guys who wouldn’t necessarily be characterized as sentimental, nostalgia

“Almost There . . . “

February 9, 2017
Well, here we are. Finishing up the penultimate 40s of the row before the big push across the 50s (longitude). The 30s, despite the association with

HFWYG Podcast: Episode 2

January 30, 2017
Lightning storms. Punishing winds. Running out of peanut butter. It’s been a ceaseless series of challenges for Kurt and John Schwartz as they’ve made their way

The Good With The Bad

January 22, 2017
After a month on the Atlantic, we are now approaching halfway point on this journey. This trip has certainly held true to expectations — we have
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Post-Christmas Wish List

December 28, 2016
First off, we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Hopefully, you spent some quality time with loved ones. For us, Christmas on the Atlantic came and
Photo Dec 14

HFWYG Podcast: Episode 1

December 21, 2016
On December 21, 1968, NASA launched Apollo 8, its second manned spaceflight mission and the first in human history to orbit the moon. Over the course

Shoring Up The Schwartzes

December 19, 2016
For the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring the mindset of Kurt and John Schwartz as they prepared to set forth on their trans-Atlantic adventure. But