How Far Have They Gone: 32º North Daily Tracker
December 16, 2016
Shoring Up The Schwartzes
December 19, 2016

Photo Courtesy Ben Duffy/Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Apparently, rumors travel faster than rowers.

Before John and Kurt Schwartz had even launched their 3,000-mile row across the Atlantic, rumors flashed like lightning across the globe. Sensational rumors, the kind that grab headlines and spark dares and dialogues on radio talk shows.

As if rowing 3,000 miles wasn’t newsworthy enough, the conversations about 32º North tended to focus on a particular aspect of their adventure: their attire.

Could the rumors be true? Could the Schwartz Brothers really be planning to row across the ocean in suits not bathing but birthday?

The boys bare their secret in this exclusive video.

32º North rows for The Samfund, a unique foundation that provides much-needed financial support for young adult cancer survivors. Please visit their Flipgive fundraising page below to donate directly or to Shop & Support The Samfund.

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