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April 21, 2017
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June 7, 2017

WANTED: Designated Shoppers

What if we were to tell you that you could do something that you’re already doing and do some good in the process? Intrigued?

Well, we’re looking to mobilize an army of such do-gooders, and give them perhaps the best job title in the world: Designated Shopper.

Have we got your attention now? Here’s how it works.

Our fundraising platform, FlipGive, provides a Shop & Support component for all fundraising campaigns in the How Far Would You Go community. Essentially, you shop online at one of the brands in the FlipGive marketplace, and that company will donate a predetermined percentage of your overall purchase to whatever charitable campaign you designate.

You do what you’re already doing (shopping online) and you do some good while you’re at it (generate money for a charitable fundraising campaign). There’s no cost to participate, other than what you spend on your shopping, of course. And while you there’s no “pay” for doing this job, we think you’ll find it rewarding.

And there’s no application process or anything! Just . . .

  • Go to our Find a Fundraiser page
  • Choose a campaign that speaks to you and click on its name
  • Click the Shop Now button
  • Search the dozens of brands in a variety of categories, including Everyday Needs, Sports & Athletics, Campus eGift Cards, Gift Sets & Ideas, Travel & Hotels, Technology, and Fashion & Apparel.
  • Click on the brand, then click Shop Now.
  • Fill out your name and email (so you can receive credit for the donation generated by your purchase) or opt to remain anonymous.
  • Click Shop Now and shop. Now.
  • Let’s face it. You’re going to shop online anyway. And you’ve been meaning to find ways to be more charitable. This is the shopportunity you’ve been waiting for!

    Now . . . get to work!

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