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What is How Far Would You Go?

HFWYG creates original content featuring ordinary people doing extraordinary things for causes they believe in. We exist to share your stories and spread the word about the amazing efforts you are undertaking.

We don’t just help you raise awareness for your particular cause, we also help you raise funds for your charity. We have partnered with FlipGive, a trusted fundraising platform, to provide an easy way to raise money for your campaign. You can generate direct donations and also raise money through a Shop & Support program. Your supporters can shop online with hundreds of brands that make up the FlipGive marketplace, and a portion of their purchases will be donated to your designated charity.

What is FlipGive?

FlipGive is How Far Would You Go’s fundraising partner – they manage all the financial transactions and customer service. FlipGive is the fundraising platform of choice for non-profits, community organizations, schools and sports teams – as well as individuals looking to launch a campaign.

Why should I fundraise on HFWYG?

Unlike other fundraising sites, HFWYG offers your supporters the chance to shop to support your campaign as well as make direct donations. Once you set up a campaign, you and your supporters can do your online shopping with hundreds of trusted brands that have agreed to give a percentage back to your charity. Rather than soliciting your friends and family for donations, you can simply encourage them to do what they’re already doing – shopping online – and contribute to your campaign in the process.

What brands are part of the FlipGive marketplace?

Since HFWYG content focuses primarily on active adventures, the marketplace features many of the biggest names in sports and activewear (including Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Columbia, Eastern Mountain Sports, Marmot, LL Bean, Cotopaxi).

But we know supporters for fundraising campaigns come from all corners of our community, which is why the marketplace also includes Fashion (Anthopologie, Ugg, Land’s End, Gap, Macy’s) to Everyday Needs (Walmart, Ace Hardware), Gift Cards (Barnes & Noble, Pro Flowers, Shutterfly) to Travel & Hotels (Royal Caribbean and Princess cruise lines,, even Technology (Apple, Microsoft, HP).

If I’m looking for a particular retailer, can I search for them?

Yes. Right at the top of the on-line store, there is a search function. Put in your favorite brand and see if they participate.

Recommending favorite brands is a great way to encourage your supports to shop. If it’s Valentine’s Day, you can direct your social media network to shop for flowers at, say, FTD. It’s a lot more comfortable than posting a typical fundraising solicitation.

How does the shopping experience work?

Click on whichever retailer you want to shop with and you’ll be directed to their site. First, you will need to put in your name and email (or you can choose to be anonymous) so that the campaign owner will know that you donated. After that you are taken directly to the retailer’s website and you shop as you normally do.

The percentage to be donated back to the designated charity is clearly stated before entering the brand’s site. As well, be aware that sometimes brands offer impromptu, unannounced sales exclusive to online shoppers.

Why do I want to be part of the HFWYG Active-ist Community?

We are building a community composed of “Active-ists” — people like you who are passionate about a cause and looking to use novel ways of fundraising to achieve their goal. Ours is a growing community of runners, cyclists, rowers, mountaineers – people doing all kinds of creative things to raise funds for charity.

We will be providing training fundraising tips so members of our Community can maximize their experience and their campaigns!

Do I need to run a marathon or do something crazy like climb the Seven Summits to be a part of this community?

No! (Trust us . . . we’re not rowing a boat across the Atlantic or cycling across Iowa either!)

HFWYG is a home for people who want to challenge themselves in an effort to make the world a better place. Your campaign should be about whatever makes sense for you, whether it’s an ultra-marathon or a walkathon, swimming laps or participating in a polar bear plunge.

You do whatever you choose to do to draw awareness to your cause. Then let us help get your story out there.

How do I set up my campaign?

It’s quick and easy.

Click on:

Enter your name, category of event, a brief description of event, your fundraising goal, zip code, phone number, and a photo. Be sure to enter a photo because it really helps personalize – and boost – fundraising.

You will then be asked to add your Beneficiary Information. The beneficiary is the charity where the funds that you have raised will be sent. There are some situations where you may want the funds to go to you personally because you plan to send the funds to the charity yourself.  If so, please contact before launching your campaign.

Once I set up a campaign, what should I do?

Tell your friends and family about it and invite them to join your campaign. Make your appeal in a personal way – post it on social media, send emails or letters, post it to your group’s blog or newsletter. Get the word out there so that as many people as possible shop on your campaign. The more people you reach, the more people can support your campaign.

Are there fees associated with FlipGive?

There are no fees for shopping. FlipGive charges a 6% processing fee for direct donations.

How does the money get to my designated charity?

Once you are ready to send the money you’ve raised, simply go to the “Withdraw Funds” tab. As long as you’ve raised at least $100, you can click the button and have the funds sent to your charity either by e-check or by regular check.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

The shopping portion is not tax-deductible. But all direct donations to non-profits are tax-deductible. Contact if you need a receipt.

What happens if I made a purchase but don’t see the cash back showing up on my campaign?

It can take up to 48 hours for our brand partners to notify us before we credit your fundraiser. Grocery purchases take a bit longer as we don’t get notified until after your order is delivered. Hotels and travel purchases are only credited upon completion of your trip, not at time of booking. We’ll always send you an email when cash back has been applied to your fundraiser! If it has been longer than 48 hours and you still haven’t been notified, forward us your shopping email receipt to and we’ll make sure to credit your account. Also, make sure any ad-blocker software is turned off!



For most of her professional career, Sarah worked in the field of affordable housing … until she took a break to raise her four children in a full house of her own. 

Sarah is an Active-ist in her own right, having competed in events from the New York Marathon to the Hood to Coast relay. One of her most meaningful experiences was running a marathon with the Team and Training program to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. That event resulted in new friendships, a new training regimen and new funds raised for a good cause.

Sarah is based in Portland, OR, and loves spending time with family and friends in such a beautiful part of the world.  She’s inspired by the people featured on the website and can’t wait to watch the How Far Would You Go community grow.




David is a professional storyteller. For 30 years and across all mediums, he has told stories from the world of sports. He’s covered Super Bowls and Stanley Cups, World Series and Final Fours, NFL Drafts and Kentucky Derbies. But it’s never been the magnitude of the event that appealed to him; it’s in the people at the heart of the competition where he has found his favorite stories.

He’s written for newspapers and magazines, produced stories for broadcast and digital outlets. He’s produced documentaries and authored books, been a teacher for students of writing, coached a variety of youth sport teams, and even served as a president of the PTA for his children’s elementary school.

Through it all, his enthusiasm comes from finding and sharing the stories that move people most.