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December 21, 2016

HFWYG Podcast: Episode 1

On December 21, 1968, NASA launched Apollo 8, its second manned spaceflight mission and the first in human history to orbit the moon. Over the course
December 16, 2016

How Far Have They Gone: 32º North Daily Tracker

Every day, slowly but steadily, Kurt and John Schwartz get closer to the finish line. They left San Sebastian de La Gomera in their 24-foot ocean
December 15, 2016

The Difference A Day Makes

And how was your day? No, seriously . . . think about it . . . what have you done over the course of the last
December 13, 2016

Greetings From La Gomera, Part II

When last we left our intrepid rowers, they had arrived in La Gomera, 43 hours or so after departing JFK Airport in New York. Their water