Victory Afoot
February 22, 2017
The Crossing: A Last Look Back
March 14, 2017

As you can see in the official race tracker, the Bonny Rey icon is steadily making its way toward the finish line: English Harbour, Antigua. (Image courtesy of Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and Atlantic Campaigns)

With roughly one week to go, each row we make has a bigger, sweeter feel. For two guys who wouldn’t necessarily be characterized as sentimental, nostalgia has ensued. This boat has been our home for the last 2.5 months but, alas, all things end.

Our communication with our family has centered around Antiguan accommodations and flights, adding to the excitement and anticipation. We can’t help but look forward to being back despite our motto of “The Next Day.”

John and I are ready to be home. The last month has been a test of patience due to unprecedented weather, or lack there of, which has forced us to row much of the 30th, 40th and 50th parallels unassisted by any momentum spurred by weather. Certainly not a seasonal norm. But, when we look back, I’m sure we will see this as a testament to our resolve and not a blight on our efforts.

Figured we’d leave you with a few answers to questions we’ve been receiving.

Question 1: What’s the first thing you”ll eat?

Kurt: I’ve asked Amy to bring three apples. I want two so that when John sees me with them he will want one as well.
John: Belgian Waffle with an ice cream on top with a side of burger and fries.

Question 2: What’s the first thing you’ll do?

Kurt: Shower. I haven’t had anything but a wet wipe down in the past 2.5 months.
John: Put on a pair of clean clothes!

Question 3: Best and worst part of being on a boat for 2.5 months with your brother?

Kurt: Certainly on top of the list is his tornado-like impression when searching for anything…horrible…but he’s a hell of a companion to have around when things just don’t go your way.
John: Best part is knowing you can rely fully on the other person to do their part. Worst: having no escape from his 3am hyper-playful rant.

— Kurt Schwartz

Please remember that 32º North rows for The Samfund. You can support their efforts by supporting their cause. Visit their Flipgive fundraising page below to make a direct donation or to Shop & Support The Samfund.

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